~ "Glamour International" ~

On glossy heavy stock, each of these gorgeous oversize books is loaded with graphic photos, illustrations and paintings, and the best of erotic adult comics. Printed in Italy with minimal text (in Italian), each book is 84 - 114 pages devoted to a particular fetish including lots of bondage, discipline and SM. Most issues feature a strong Bettie Page influence with at least some photos and/or illustrations of Bettie Page. All have an Original Cover Price of $39.00 except as noted.



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"Sweet Bettie" "Sweet Bettie" text box

"Sweet Bettie Two" "Sweet Bettie Two" text box

"Bizarre Life 3" "Bizarre Life 3" text box

"Bizarre Life 4" "Bizarre Life 4" text box

"Glamour Book" "Glamour Book" text box

"Black Women & Jungle Girls" "Black Women & Jungle Girls" text box

"Paris, Seductions Et Amores" "Paris, Seductions Et Amores" text box

"Pornography Through The Ages" "Pornography Through The Ages" text box

"Women In Love With Women" "Women In Love With Women" text box

"Blue Mouth" "Blue Mouth" text box

"Vampires" "Vampires" text box

"The Witch" "The Witch" text box

"American Good Girl Art" "American Good Girl Art" text box

"Japanese Erotica" "Japanese Erotica" text box

"Calendar Girls" "Calendar Girls" text box

"Bettie Page Bondage" "Bettie Page Bondage" text box

"The Girl In Black And White" "The Girl In Black And White" text box

"Alex Toth Special" "Alex Toth Special" text box

"Crimes 'N Gals In The U.S.A." "Crimes 'N Gals In The U.S.A." text box



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